Monday, 29 April 2013

Womens Wartime Role

Women had a big role in the War. When all the men went away to the war their was a shortage of worker so the government recruited women into the paid workforce. At first they only targeted un married women that were young but by 1943 they were targeting all women. This made it so that women were allowed to improve their social and economic status by having money to do stuff like go to the movies and they also then got to work together improving their social status. Even though the women worked as hard as the men and as efficiently as the men do they still go paid less than the men. When the war ended most of the women just went back to their traditional roles at home. Some of the women did resist and planted seeds for women's rights movements. This shows that women go treated differently than men even though they shouldn't have because they did the same work and that women were a big help in the war times by taking on the men's job when they went to war.


  1. Do you think the at home war would have been as successful without women?

    1. No i don't think it would have been because the factories wouldnt have kept going and the men would've had to come home and work or else the factories wouldn't be working and money wouldn't be made

  2. This is a quick overview of the role women played in Canada during WWII. Outside of the factories, how else did women contribute to the war effort?