Monday, 29 April 2013

My opinion on the documentary "Storming Juno".

On D-Day, June 6th, 1944, the allies were ready to launch their long- awaited invasion of Europe. The invasion involved close to 1 million British, American, and Canadian troops steaming across the English channel to storm the beaches of France. The allies were determined to keep their plans secret. They wanted to convince Germany that their intended target was Pas de Calais, just 50 kilometers from the English coast, but the real invasion was to take place at Normandy to the south.   The Canadian assault troops stormed ashore facing fierce shootings from the German opposition, with mined beach obstacles. In my opinion I think that the documentary was very effective in helping us understand how hard the Canadians pushed to make sure they had victory at Juno Beach. It was effective because it showed how many men were killed, this shows that Canadian soldiers were willing to risk their lives for victory of another country. Also it showed how many risks were taken in the battle like when the Sargent on the beach risked his life to take out the Germans in the bunker, this showed that he was there to take out the Germans and he was determined to do that. In the end Canada did have victory at Juno beach taking many German soldiers hostage, they showed determination and willingness. 


  1. Awesome blog Beth! I agree that the Canadians displayed determination and willingness on D-Day. Do you think that Canadians were the most effective Allied country that invaded Normandy on D-Day?

  2. In my opinion I do think that they were the most effective allied country that invaded Normandy on D-Day because they were the only country to meet their responsibilities as an independent nation because they were brave, willing and determined.

  3. Bethany, I am glad that you found the documentary effective.