Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Canada's Reaction to the MS St. Louis

Canada's Reaction to the MS St. Louis
The MS St. Louis was a German cruise liner most known for carrying 937 German Jewish refugees looking for a new country to live in. This ship sailed from Germany in 1939 and travelled to North America. Many countries denied these passengers entry like Cuba, the US and Canada. During this time period many Canadians were anti semitic and discriminated the Jewish religion. The Canadian government created new immigration laws to deny Jewish refugees entry to Canada. These passengers had to travel all the way back to Europe until they were allowed into England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The Canadian government acted very unfairly because they became silent. The Prime Minister and Immigration officers knew what was happening and they purposely didn't try to solve the problem. By not reacting fairly this silence Canada look very bad and discriminatory to people in need of help. Many Canadians look back at this event are very ashamed of how Canada reacted to this event.    

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  1. Riley, you have done a great job of going beyond the facts of the issue and giving a perspective. I agree that Canada acted unfairly and this shows that the Canada we love has some blemishes.