Monday, 29 April 2013

Americans and the Atomic Bomb

     When the Americans dropped the atomic bomb on Japan in 1945, it caused a huge disaster. More than
75 000 people died instantly and thousands more died from radiation poisoning in the weeks following. The Americans objective was to get the Japan to surrender, however, even after this disaster, they did not. The Americans decided to drop another bomb. This time, 40 000 people were killed instantly. Japan surrendered; a victory for the Americans, a terrible loss for Japan. Over the next ten years, half a million people would die from the effects of radiation. So, should the Japanese have surrendered after the first bomb which would have resulted in less casualties, and were the Americans justified in dropping the atomic bombs? I think that even though it was against there beliefs, Japan should have surrendered after the first bomb. Japan believed that you should fight till the very end, clearly it didn't work out so well for them. I also believe that the Americans thought it was necessary to drop the bombs to end the war but I think that they could have used a different strategy than to kill hundreds of thousands of civilians. The Americans were smart, but this was a dumb decision and although it ended the war, it caused many casualties and after affects that could have been avoided. 

 This survived both the atomic bombs and is still standing today 


  1. I agree it would've just been easier for the Japanese to surrender after the first bomb, but it was their belief that they were never supposed to surrender so i think it would've be very hard for them to realize that surrendering after the first bomb would be best for them.

    1. While there were the immediate effects of the nuclear bomb, Japan probably didn't realize the long term effects. I wonder if they knew the full effect of the nuclear bombs if they would have been willing to surrender.

  2. Sami, I love the images you included. Do you know why/how the structure survived the dropping of the atomic bomb?