Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fear in Canada's Propaganda

During World War Two I think the government's approach to getting people to help in the war effort was fear.  In the victory bonds advertisement above it shows a lady holding her baby and they're being grabbed by hands with enemy symbols on them,  this represents how the enemy will attack Canada's people unless you buy victory bonds.  Much like the second picture which shows an enemy Japanese man who is attacking a woman.  The advertisement's point is that if you don't buy war bonds the Japanese will attack and harm Canada and its citizens.  Both these advertisements are images of frightening situations which contain a simple solution, buy war/victory bonds.  The government used scary propaganda to frighten the people of Canada into doing what they wanted them to do.


  1. Abby, you are right that the government used fear to persuade Canadians to buy victory bonds. Was this tactic successful? How is fear used today?

    In the future, please include the url of the images.

  2. Do you think this approach to propaganda was successful? Or should they have used a different tactic to get what they want?

  3. do you think that using fear as their approach scared people off or drew people in to help support the war?