Wednesday, 10 April 2013

American prisoners of war camps

                                    Prisoners of war in WWII
  During World War 2 there were many prisoners of war camps all over the world but the one I'm going to talk about is the Japanese camp that in-prisoned the "allies". There were more than 140,000 white prisoners in Japanese prisoner of war camps. Of these, one in three died from starvation, work, punishments or from diseases for which there were no medicines to treat them with.Camps were encircled with barbed wire or high wooden fencing and those who attempted escape would be executed in front of other prisoners. In total there were 257 prisoner of war camps in Japan alone. Around 61,000 prisoners from camp Iizuka (one of the Japanese biggest camps) were put to work on the railroad. Of those 13,000 died. Prisoners in these camps with treated with such dis-respect. They would get only two meals a day which would be, very thin soup and black bread. Also many of the guards didn't speak English and the prisoners did not understand Japanese, so if they didn't listen to the orders the guard has given, they got beat. 


  1. Carson, you found some good information about Japanese PoW camps during WWII.

  2. Good explanation Carson, but I wonder if Canada ever treated the POW Canadian-Japanese the same way as, the POW Canadians in Japan?