Monday, 29 April 2013

D-day was a success

D-day was a huge event in world war 2 history that was the beginning of taking over Europe. It was the largest seaborne attack in history that began in June 1944. Many men knew they would not make it off the beach of Juno. Juno was Canada's beach where they landed and began the attack on Europe. In my opinion this attack was a success because their mission was to take over the beaches and get into the town which they did, while taking many Germans captive. Many men are known today as heroes of this fight and helped Canada be as strong and independent as they are now. One way how D-day made Canada more independent was by learning from their mistakes and it gave the soldiers a boost of encouragement because it was a extremely successful attack. Canada captured Germans, fought their way through the beaches and accomplished their task, which lead to a stronger country.


  1. I think it is amazing that the soldiers knew their chances of survival were low and yet they still fought for freedom and justice.

    How does learning from mistakes make Canada independent?

  2. How do you think the war would have changed if canada didnt take over the beaches and would have failed in d-day?