Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tasks for April 18, 2013

Good morning!

You have three tasks to complete this period.  

Your first task is to complete the survey at the link below.  The survey is similar to the one you completed earlier in the semester.  Some of the questions are the same, but there are three new ones.


Once you have completed the survey, your next task is to write a blog post.  Some blog post ideas are:

- In your opinion, was the Dieppe Raid a success or failure?
- How did Canadians on the home front contribute to the war overseas?
-Who used propaganda the most effectively? Hitler? Churchill? Stalin? Canada? Japan?
-Find a piece of propaganda and analyze it using the chart from yesterday. Be sure to include an image or video. - Comment on how PM King’s handling of conscription differed from PM Borden’s.  Which was better?  Why?
-We have watched three documentaries this week: Rosies of the North, Love, Hate and Propaganda: Meet the Enemy, and Mackenzie King and Conscription. Which one was your favourite? Why?

After you have written a blog post, please respond to two other posts. You should review this post:

Responding to Blog Posts

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