Monday, 29 April 2013

D day

D-day was huge attack that happen in June 1944 that was Canadians against the Germans and it took place in France. During this attack 335 Canadians were killed and 700 were injured just on the first day of the attack which was taking over Juno beach. Canada's plan was to have people in tanks and on the ground. This plan went horribly wrong when only some of the boats showed up with people and others had gone missing and the tanks were late and only one showed up the others lost at sea. Canada did take over the beach though and captured many Germans as prisoners. Canadian soldiers made the best out of the condition's that they had and completed their first mission. This shows that even though many soldiers were lost the attack was still worth it and was a success.


  1. great very detailed post and picture, but how does the picture show the circumstances for the soldiers?

    1. It shows that there wasn't that many soldiers as you can see and it also shows how they look very warn and tired and how they were treaking through the water to get to the beach so it shows the conditions they were in

  2. Who else besides the Canadians and the Germans were part of this attack? Why would it be important to also consider the roles of Canada's allies?

  3. Great post, but if so many soldiers were lost during this attack, how successful was it really? Was this attack more successful than other approaches Canada has taken in the past?

  4. What do u think would have happened if Canada didnt take Juno Beach.

  5. what did this successful attack really do for Canada itself? did they gain anything?