Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Canadian Prisoner's of War

Prisoner of war camp during the last stage of Battle of Okinawa
In Germany Canadians were treated fairly well, POWs were segregated by service. Officers were held in camps operated by their German counterparts. In Italy the camps were generally more relaxed than the Germans. In 1943 when Italy surrendered POWs were mostly taken to North America. The Japanese situation was very different they did not sign the Geneva Conventions. They believed that surrendering meant you were weak and it was a soldiers duty to die in battle.  


  1. Rosie, why do you say that Canadian PoW were treated fairly well in Nazi Germany? How did the treatment in European PoW camps differ from that in Japan?

  2. How were the Italian camps more relaxed than the German camps? and how can you prove Canadians were treated fairly well? Were other countries PoW's treated differently?