Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Prisoners of war

During the War in the Pacific Japan launched a surprise attack on the US military at Pearl Harbour Hawaii, which caused the Second World War to grow into another huge world wide conflict.  In September 1941 Winston Churchill the Prime Minister of Britain asked Canada if they would send troops to Hong Kong which was another colony of Britain.  Canada agreed and sent 2000 troops over to help defend Hong Kong during the war.  A few hours after the attack on Pearl Harbour Japanese troops invaded Hong Kong but the allies were out numbered 50,000 to 15,000 after 17 days of fighting the British Commander surrendered on Christmas day.  Although the battle had ended another battle for the soldiers that survived and civilians began many were tortured, raped and killed 1685 Canadian soldiers were imprisoned and faced harsh treatments they struggled to stay alive on starvation diets and being tortured and were forced into labour.  A total of 567 Canadian soldiers died 300 in battle but 267 as prisoners of war.

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  1. Good facts, Courtney. Do you think there should be rules in place to protect of the human rights of PoW?