Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The MS St. Louis Voyage

The MS St. Louis was a German ocean liner transporting 937 Jewish refugees. The ship was lead by their noble captain Gustav Schroder who was determained to find them a safe place to live in the spring of 1939. At first the ship was heading for Havana, Cuba but was sadly denied entry at the port which caused the ship to try and gain entry in many other countries along the western hemisphere. The ship tried the US and Canada but were again denied entry because the countries wanted nothing to do with the Jewis people. Many of the people in both of the countries were anti-semenis espesially the english speaking canadians. Finally 11 countires along Eroupe accepted the Jewish people which allowed the MS St. Louis to land in Belgium, Netherlands and many other European countries. But sadly many of those countries were taken over by the Nazi army and a little under half were slaughtered but many of them went on to live in freedom. So as you can see because of the noble captain Gustav Schroder some of the Jewish people on the boat were able to live happy and free. 

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  1. Cole, good overview. Thanks for pointing out Captain Schroder's attempts to find a safe haven for the refugees.