Thursday, 18 April 2013

Was the Raid on Dieppe a Failure or Success ?

Raid On Dieppe 1942

The Raid on Dieppe was one of the most important and crutial points in World War II for the Allies and I believe was also a military failure for the Canadian Forces. On August 19th 1942 5000 Canadian troops and 6100 Allied troops tried to attack the Germans in a small town on the coast of France called Dieppe. The raid didnt start off well because a German convoy had alerted the German Forces about the Allies plans which caused them to delay the raid until daylight. The battle lasted for over 9 hours causing 913 Canadian casualties and 1950 to be taken for prisoners. I believe this raid was a failure because the Candians suffered to many casulties


  1. Cole, you provide reasons for Dieppe's failure. Why do you think it was important and crucial? Can something that is important and crucial be a failure?

  2. Do you think that the Canadians learned anything from Dieppe that they used during the Normandy invasion?