Thursday, 18 April 2013

Canadian Propaganda and Women

   This is a picture that the Canadian Government used to get women to work in factories. It is a picture showing a feminine woman with a gun. This shows how the women could still be women but could handle the same things that the men did. It was used to encourage women to work in the factories while the men went to war. I think that they were the most effective using propaganda because many women chose to work in the factories and enjoyed working there when they saw that they could still be feminine yet work in a factory.Women volunteered to work in factories and still maintained their feminine appeal which was what the government had aimed for. The government targeted women so the men could leave their jobs and go to war leaving women to take their place. Since many women did take the jobs at factories, i think Canada was the most effective using propaganda. 


  1. I agree with your opinion on how Canada was the most effective at using propaganda! Women are able to do "Men's work"! Do you think that the women should've been laid off when the men returned from war? Or should the women have been able to choose wether they wanted to continue working in a "Man's world"?

  2. Sami, good analysis of the propaganda. Why do you think Canada was more effective than the USA and Britain?