Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Raid on Dieppe

In my opinion the Raid on Dieppe was successful. This is an image of the Raid, our soldiers preparing for battle and helping those who are wounded. Us Canadians had a good amount of armed soldiers and were able to reach some set objectives, like the ones on the Western Flank. Our soldiers were able to reach the bullet-sweep streets of Dieppe and follow strategies.  And we were also successful at destorying the enemy gun batteries. Although the attack wasn't as successful as planned because we were unable to successfully undergo our sneak attack delaying any "surprise," and some men were captured, we were able to obtain quality battle experience. This taught the Allies that much stronger military forces were requirewd to break through the German Coastal defences. So overall, the Raid wasn't as successful as planned BUT it was successful in my point of view because of the learning experiences our soldiers went through, which lead to the VICTORY of D-day!,r:5,s:0,i:97&tx=39&ty=101


  1. Riley, thanks for explaining the photo. In the future, try using the caption function for your photos. Do you think the loss of life was worth the raid?

  2. I agree that this did help the victory of D-Day because it gave us expierence and knowledge of attacking enemy territories, but it was a great loss for Canada because of all the soldiers that had died during the Dieppe Raid