Thursday, 18 April 2013

Mackenzie King and the Conscription

Mackenzie King

One reason the Mackenzie King and the Conscription was my favorite documentary to watch is how Mackenzie King tried to keep the French Canadians happy by not using conscription to get soldiers into WWII. In the end Mackenzie King had no choice but to use conscription forcing thousands of soldiers to enlist at the age of 18.

Another reason is when Mackenize King forced the Conscription law that all males at the age of 18 must go to war in which lead to the minister of defense James Layton Ralston being forced by King to resign. Then King assignied Andrew McNaughton who failed to get soldiers to volunteer in the war against Nazi Germany.


  1. Do you feel that it was wrong forcing 18 year old men to enlist in the war?

  2. Why is it significant that McNaughton was unable to encourage voluntary enlistment? Do you think King learned from the crisis of WWI?

  3. Yes I believe that forceing men into the war was not the right way to go about it reason is that they could of had families to take care for example going to work to make money to suport them and putting food on the table.