Monday, 29 April 2013

Canada's Contributions to D-day

          Canada contributed as much as they could to D-day, 15 000 Canadians landed at Juno beach 335 of which died that first day as well as 700 men injured. Canada didn't just give men for fighting, but also gave paratroopers, tanks, planes, and anything they could.  Canadian soldiers lost many lives but successfuly stormed and secured Juno beach on D-day. Canadians were able to take previous failures like the Dieppe Raid and learn as much as they could from it, Canada ended up being the only group to meet their objectives on D-day when everyone else failed to complete their tasks. I think Canada's contributions to d-day were very important  because they were smart enough to learn from previous mistakes, but also they never gave up and in the end they were successful.


  1. What from previous failures do you feel we took into consideration to help us be so successful in D-Day?

  2. I agree that Canada contributed greatly to D-Day. I also think Canada's contributions after the invasion were also important, especially its role in liberating the Dutch.