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Trudeau's Influence on Equality

In a just society Trudeau envisioned that all Canadian would have equal opportunity's. To try and follow this Trudeau introduced the Official Languages Act in 1969, This gave an equal status to the English and French Canadians. Trudeau fought for equality between French and English cultures, wealthy and poor provinces, women and men in politics. He also wanted a renewed federation where French and English Canada were full and equal partners. To create equality between French and English communism made three major recommendations: make services for federal government more widely available in French across the country, open the federal civil service equally to English and French Canadians and improve and expand the teaching of French as a second language. This led Trudeau to introduce the Official Languages Act. 

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Document Analysis: Canada and 9/11

The following post is the in class analysis of the "Canada and 9/11" excerpt. We didn't hand it in, so I decided to share my thoughts via blog.

First off, this article is representative of the helpful and selfless nature in Canadian identity. The way that without hesitation the residents of Gander welcomed stranded plane passengers shows Canadians' ability to recognize and act on a person (or thousands) in need. Specific examples of this illustration of Canadians  include when "they consoled, and they cooked, they cooked and they cooked" and how "with a population barely hitting 10'000, [Gander] welcomed 6'600 stranded passengers that fateful day". The way that the residents cooked and cooked supports how Canadians continuously help until the job is done. The way that a tiny town like Gander was willing to nearly double its capacity to welcome strangers shows the immediate selflessness of Canadians, at least on a large scale. I believe these values do remain true throughout Canada because the article mentions also hundreds of Canadians in "Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal and Toronto" who were thanked for their helpful efforts. These are just major cities. Gander is an example of small towns who gave generously as well.

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The link to my Bitstrips storyboard for "The Canadian Identity"

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Tommy Douglas

                                      Tommy Douglas

Tommy Douglas. You know his name, not his story. He was born in a small town just outside of Scotland and then moved to Saskatchewan and became a Baptist minister, politician, and the premier of Saskatchewan. But then in 1935 he was elected into the Canadian House of Commons as a member of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF). Tommy Douglas had a dream. Douglas's dream was to bring medicare to his province.In 1947 Tommy Douglas introduced universal hospitalization in Saskatchewan and in 1959 announced a Medicare plan for Saskatchewan. After setting up medicare for Saskatchewan, he stepped down from premier and then went into the election. Douglas was then elected as its first federal leader in 1961. Some people could say Tommy Douglas was Canada's greatest Canadian for bring his own idea for health care to Canada and keeping people healthy and alive.

Pierre Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau

Pierre was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada and wanted a Just Society. He wanted everyone to be equal including homosexuals, he wanted people to have the freedom to get divorced or choose to have an abortion. Trudeau also made it so that both men and women got "equal pay for equal work, this was a huge step in the right direction for women's rights.  Also Pierre helped Canada's economy by providing skilled labour for the workforce, he improved the lives of many by allowing the population to grow therefore bringing more money to Canada's economy. The Americans were losing a battle against Vietnam and it was Pierre's decision to distance Canada from the U.S therefore helping them gain independence. Those are just a few of the things Pierre Trudeau did to help Canada have a Just Society. 

Pierre Trudeau Quote

We must now establish the basic principles, the basic values and beliefs which hold us together as Canadians so that beyond our regional loyalties there is a way of life and a system of values which make us proud of the country that has given us such freedom and such immeasurable joy."  This quote was about signing the Canadian Charter of Right and Freedom. This quote provides information about Trudeaus believes and what he standed for. This shows how he wanted to make sure all canadians were equal and was trying to make everyone equal with pay so that economy would get better. Trudeau passed the minimum wage law

Diefenbaker and Equality

    Diefenbaker promoted a lot of equality. While he was in power he created the Bill of Right and made the House of Commons bilingual.  Diefenbaker always said the Bill of Rights was needed to take a stand again discrimination based on all the different factors, and when he made the Bill of Rights it did stand up against discrimination and fight for the equality of all people.  The Bill of Rights declares the dignity and worth of a person, it includes certain human rights and freedoms.  When these rights and freedoms were guaranteed in the law for the first time it was a very important step in equality for Canadians.

     Deifenbaker also took a very important step towards equality for Canadians when he started translating the House of Commons' debates.  This was a step towards bilingualism, but bilingualism was a big part of equality at the time because of the Quebec people who claimed they were deprived of speaking French. Since January 1959 every word spoken in the House of Commons is translated simultaneously. All people in the House of Commons can say anything they want in their own language and be confident they will be understood.  Translating in the House of Commons was a big step towards bilingualism which was also an important act of equality especially for the French.


  Pearson provided health care not to some, but all Canadians no matter what race, gender, status, or financial situation.   When Pearsonʼs Minister of National Health and Welfare, Allan J. MacEachen,introduced the idea for health care at the House of Commons he stated, “The government of Canada believes that all Canadians should be able to obtain health services of high quality according to their need for such services and irrespective of their ability to pay. We believe that the only practical and effective way of doing this is through a universal, prepaid, government-sponsored scheme.”  MacEachen is explaining that he believes all people deserve health care even if they cannot pay.  This shows that even though Universal Healthcare doesn't seem like an equal rights act Pearson and his government intended it to be.  They wanted to keep everyone healthy not just people that could pay a lot of money for it.  Also, even though the Canadian Pension Plan just takes employed peopleʼs money and returns it to them month by month after retirement, it still promotes equality especially to elders.  The Pension Plan offers a smart way for adults to save money for
their retirement.  Many adults donʼt know how to go about thinking and planning for their retirement but the pension plan helps them to do so in a way that wonʼt effect their current financial situation.  The plan offers everyone a chance to have a chance at a good comfortable retirement that they may not have gotten otherwise.

Genocide in The World

Everyone is interested in learning about the Holocaust in Germany because they think that we learned from are mistakes and now life is better but genocide has happened again and again. Genocide has happened in Rwanda, Australia, Bosnia and many other countries. All of these honorific events have lead to the death of millions and the displacement of millions from there homes making them refugees. Many groups like the United Nations, NATO and NORAD have devoted billions of dollars and energy into making sure that  genocide never happens again but the question on everyone's mind is are these groups plans working. Many people don't believe that these groups plans work because genocides are still happening today like in Syria. If you where in a position of power how would you make sure that genocides never happen again? 

Pierre Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau was a prime minister that concentrated mostly on making a equal society  He did this by doing things like making laws regarding homosexuality, divorce and abortion. Trudeau set the Canadian charter of rights and freedom. This was a huge step for Canada's independence. Pierre Trudeau was very iconic and was seen almost like a super star. Pierre's main goal was to become a just society which meant that everyone was equal. I think that Pierre was very successful with doing this because he made the charter of rights of freedom, made minimum wage and also made laws regarding homosexuality, divorce and abortion.

Pierre Trudeau

 “If Canada is to survive, it can only survive in mutual respect and in love with one another “ (Pierre Trudeau 1976).  This quote shows how much Trudeau wanted Canadians to be treated as equals.  Trudeau had a vision for Canada, where all people were treated equally.  Throughout his stay in Parliament he had made huge steps for women's rights, decriminalized homosexuality, attempted to help aboriginal's and made multiculturalism and bilingualism government policies.  Pierre showed through his actions that he valued the equality of all people.  Shown by this quote he feels that Canada will only survive and prosper if all people could be accepted and given equal rights.

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What is the ideal society?

The ideal society...

  1. interesting media
  2. equality
  3. jobs
  4. no consumerism
  5. universal health care
  6. less poverty
  7. free schooling/education
  8. recreational centres
  9. clean/ecologically-friendly environment
  10. sustainability
  11. good and sustainable economy
  12. peace
  13. democracy
  14. benevolent (trusty) dictator/leader

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Work for April 30 to May 2

You can access the Google Doc at the link below:

Canada in the Post War Era

I strongly suggest that you print out the notes for class on Friday, May 3, 2013.

The Jewish Question

     'The Jewish Question' was the name given to the debate over the appropriate status and treatment of Jews (the debate has been going on since the 17th century).  However in Nazi Germany,1933 'the Jewish Question'  mostly referred to the sense that having Jews in Germany was a problem for the country. This term was also used by advocates to increase antisemitism during Nazi reign in Germany.  When Hitler came to power he decided the Jewish race was going to be totally annihilated he called his plan  'the final solution to the jewish question'.  'The final solution to the jewish question' was the total genocide of the Jews also known as the Holocaust.  Hitler carried out this total genocide with mass open air shootings, concentration camps and extermination camps.  In total around 6  million jews were killed most of which were killed in extermination camps such as Auschwitz and Belzec, where the sole purpose was to kill jews, mainly by gassing them but also from working them to death in poor conditions.

Do you Think Canada's Contributions to D-day were Important?

Do you Think Canada's Contributions to D-day were Important?

Yes I beleive that the Candians contributions to D-day were very important because Canada was the only country to successfully complete there objectives and take control of Juno beach. This beach was the most heavily fortified out of all the 5 sectors the Candians and Allies were to invade on D-day. Since the Canadians were able to take control of Juno beach they were able to bring in re-enforcements through it which gave them a far better chance against the German forces. The Canadians I believed did the best out of all the countries that contributed because they were the only country to complete their objectives which was the reason the Canadians, British and Allies were able to get re-enforcements into Normandy. This eneded up being a huge factor for there forces and were able to defeated the Germans on April 8th 1945. I believe that without Canada Capturing Juno beach during D-day the invasion would have been alot different for the Allies. So as you can see the Canadians contributions on D-day were very important because without them the war could have been alot different and ended in the Germans favour.       

D day

D-day was huge attack that happen in June 1944 that was Canadians against the Germans and it took place in France. During this attack 335 Canadians were killed and 700 were injured just on the first day of the attack which was taking over Juno beach. Canada's plan was to have people in tanks and on the ground. This plan went horribly wrong when only some of the boats showed up with people and others had gone missing and the tanks were late and only one showed up the others lost at sea. Canada did take over the beach though and captured many Germans as prisoners. Canadian soldiers made the best out of the condition's that they had and completed their first mission. This shows that even though many soldiers were lost the attack was still worth it and was a success.

Was The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Necessary?

I think the bombing of Hiroshima was necessary, even though there were so many things wrong with it. I can't stand the idea because of all the innocent casualties, but it was sadly necessary. Japan didn't surrender for 3 days after the first bomb, therefore the Allies had to drop another bomb on Nagasaki. The Japanese didn't surrender until 6 DAYS after the second attack because of the threat of a third bombing! If the Allies never dropped those bombs, Japan wouldn't have quit, and would keep going and going and going. Sadly those bombs were entirely necessary, if they were not dropped, the war could have played out very differently.

D-day was a success

D-day was a huge event in world war 2 history that was the beginning of taking over Europe. It was the largest seaborne attack in history that began in June 1944. Many men knew they would not make it off the beach of Juno. Juno was Canada's beach where they landed and began the attack on Europe. In my opinion this attack was a success because their mission was to take over the beaches and get into the town which they did, while taking many Germans captive. Many men are known today as heroes of this fight and helped Canada be as strong and independent as they are now. One way how D-day made Canada more independent was by learning from their mistakes and it gave the soldiers a boost of encouragement because it was a extremely successful attack. Canada captured Germans, fought their way through the beaches and accomplished their task, which lead to a stronger country.
Juno Beach

Juno or Juno Beach was one of five sectors that the allied forces where goin to attack on D-Day. The 3rd Canadian infantry division was responsible for taking over Juno. We were supposed to capture the german airfied which we did. The 3rd Canadian Division's D-Day objectives were to capture Carpiquet Airfield and reach the French railway line by nightfall. The Canadiand were very effective in D-Day because they were the only section to achieve there objectives in the first day. Around 350 dead and 570 wounded but these soilders that lost there lives that day will not be forgotten because without the D-Day would not have been a success
and we would not be the country we are today.

Were the Americans justified in dropping the atomic bombs?

On the 6th August 1945 a US B-29 bomber dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, instantly killing around 80'000 people. As the bomb dropped, a lightening flash burst across the sky. In seconds, a giant mushroom cloud of poisonous gases and smoke covered the city. It estimated that more than 75'000 people were killed instantly. Thousands more died from burns and radiation poisoning in the hours, days and weeks followed. When Japan still refused to surrender the US dropped a second bomb on Negasaki three days later. Another 40'000 people died instantly. On 15th August 194, Japan surrendered unconditionally. The effects of the atomic bombs, however, would last for years as over the next decade half a million people died from radiation poisoning. In my opinion I don't think that the Americans were justified in using the atomic bombs because, most of the casualties were effected by the bomb were innocent people caught in a global battle for power and supremacy. This shows that Americans were just looking for power and weren't understanding how it would effect innocent people because because they just wanted to get Japan back for bombing Pearl Harbour. 

"Storming Juno"

One reason what I liked about the video was how the Canadians strategized to take over Juno beach even having to face the obstacles of soldiers getting lost and not knowing where to go. Also how they were succesful of taking the beach over with only one tank.

Another reason would be how motivated the Canadians were to take over the beach. Reason is when they first arrived on shore some soldiers were just running up as far as they can to try and get to the see wall were they were planning to take out the main gun of the german pillbox. The reason why I find this intersesting is it shows how determinded the Canadians were to take over Juno beach.

Google Images

American Nuclear Weapon

                                                      Americans bombing Japan

         The image above shows the explosion of the nuclear bomb. The one on the left is the bombing at  Hiroshima, and Nagasaki on the right. The making of the bomb created jobs for 75,000 people. This project had to be made within 6 months because the Russians were also trying to create the same bomb, this project was called "The Manhattan Project". The Americans made nuclear bombs to scare the Japanese into surrendering. The Americans were so angry at the Japanese, because they wouldn't surrender even after losing their military camps. The Americans were also angry because the Japanese attacked on their military base, Pearl Harbor  while they were neutral during world war 2. This new invention is what helped the allies win the second world war. The bomb exploded and heat shocks/ wave were created and also the bomb shone brighter, and it was bigger than expected. This nuclear bomb was not tested and scientist wanted to test it before using it for war, but the American government disagreed and used the bomb without testing because of the competition with Russia. I think that the Americans were fair enough when they dropped the bomb because the Japanese wouldn't stubbornly surrender, so they brought this to themselves, although many innocent lives were loss. The Japanese could have prevented this from happening.

Canada on D-Day

I think that Canada's contributions on D-Day were really important. I think this because Canada was given the objective to capture the hardest beach, Juno Beach, it was the heaviest fortified and had the most German troops and still the Canadian troops managed to take control of the beach in one day. This helped the Allied forces because it gave them hope that they could do it too and they also knew they already had part of the coast line so it would be easier to gain control of more. Also the contribution and success on D-Day helped Canada as a nation grow and become more independent because without help, the Canadian forces took the hardest beach and succeeded in there goal before any other Allied force reached there objective which proved we had a strong Army who knew what they were doing. In conclusion this is why I think that Canada's contributions were very important to the success on D-Day and also the growth of our nation.
What did you think of the documentary "Storming Juno"?  

I thought the document Storming Juno was very educational, I learned a lot about the life of a Canadian soldier. I thought it was very realistic when the Canadians stormed Juno beach getting ready to attack the Germans. I think an important part of the movie was when the Sargent left his shelter and ran out to where the machine guns  and snipers were shooting out of the bunker and he managed to stay alive and throw a bomb into the bunker to kill the German snipers. The Sargent saved many men by this brave act and managed to buy some time for the tank to come up the beach and attack many of the Germans. I found that the documentary showed many real life situations and made the people watching understand the war from the soldiers perspectives. I also think the documentary properly portrayed the fact that at the beginning of the attack the Germans were winning and taking out Canadian soldiers one bye one but as the fight went on the Canadians infiltrated the German posts and got the Germans to surrender. 


The great depression

When Americas stock market crashed Canada was greatly affected. Many Canadians lost their jobs,homes and all of their money.Once Canadians lost everything they had struggled for awhile but did anything they could to make money for their families. Men would go to camps if they were eligible to do and would only make 20 cent a day but any money was good money at the time. Canadians also tried to vote someone into parliament that seemed to be able to work things out. Though that didn't work out Canadians were still willing to do anything possible to get out of the great depression. Canadians also made many shelters and and private charities to help one another out. Also places that provided entertainment became cheaper. This all shows that the great depression was a very negative time in Canadian history but it also made Canada come together as a nation to grow and become a better nation together.

Canada's Contributions to D-day

          Canada contributed as much as they could to D-day, 15 000 Canadians landed at Juno beach 335 of which died that first day as well as 700 men injured. Canada didn't just give men for fighting, but also gave paratroopers, tanks, planes, and anything they could.  Canadian soldiers lost many lives but successfuly stormed and secured Juno beach on D-day. Canadians were able to take previous failures like the Dieppe Raid and learn as much as they could from it, Canada ended up being the only group to meet their objectives on D-day when everyone else failed to complete their tasks. I think Canada's contributions to d-day were very important  because they were smart enough to learn from previous mistakes, but also they never gave up and in the end they were successful.

Juno Beach
JJuno Beach was one of five Allied invasions of German-occupied France in Normandy on 6 June 1944. This battle consisted of Canada and the United Kingdom against Germany. During this war The allies suffered 359 dead, 574 wounded, and only 47 men captured. On the first day on the Juno Beach invasion. Canada was very Unprepared losing most of their men on the first day. When they got to the beach there was no artillery or tanks on the beach supporting them. All the tanks but 1 that had launched from the ships had either sank or got lost due to extreme weather conditions. Also, when they got onto the beach there was no where to hide, just an open beach. But after some troops got out of the water and up off the beach, they found a way to take out the pill box, and get behind enemy lines. Ultimately  The allies ended up wining the first day by taking 73 prisoners and killing 35 Germans.                                                    

Canada's Contributions to D- Day

Yes, I feel that Canada's contributions to D-Day were important compared to other nations because Canada was an original nation that was part of the alllies.
Canada was an important part to this day, in the end, due to the fact that we were the first of all 5 allied group landings to have secured their own beach. I feel as though, if Canada was not a part of D-Day then the allies would not have been successful in taking over france and regaining control.

So yes Canada's contribution to this day in the war was important because we proved to the other nations that we are an independent nation and we can accomplish whatever is given to us if we really work to it and properly plan it.

Americans and the Atomic Bomb

     When the Americans dropped the atomic bomb on Japan in 1945, it caused a huge disaster. More than
75 000 people died instantly and thousands more died from radiation poisoning in the weeks following. The Americans objective was to get the Japan to surrender, however, even after this disaster, they did not. The Americans decided to drop another bomb. This time, 40 000 people were killed instantly. Japan surrendered; a victory for the Americans, a terrible loss for Japan. Over the next ten years, half a million people would die from the effects of radiation. So, should the Japanese have surrendered after the first bomb which would have resulted in less casualties, and were the Americans justified in dropping the atomic bombs? I think that even though it was against there beliefs, Japan should have surrendered after the first bomb. Japan believed that you should fight till the very end, clearly it didn't work out so well for them. I also believe that the Americans thought it was necessary to drop the bombs to end the war but I think that they could have used a different strategy than to kill hundreds of thousands of civilians. The Americans were smart, but this was a dumb decision and although it ended the war, it caused many casualties and after affects that could have been avoided. 

 This survived both the atomic bombs and is still standing today 

My opinion on the documentary "Storming Juno".

On D-Day, June 6th, 1944, the allies were ready to launch their long- awaited invasion of Europe. The invasion involved close to 1 million British, American, and Canadian troops steaming across the English channel to storm the beaches of France. The allies were determined to keep their plans secret. They wanted to convince Germany that their intended target was Pas de Calais, just 50 kilometers from the English coast, but the real invasion was to take place at Normandy to the south.   The Canadian assault troops stormed ashore facing fierce shootings from the German opposition, with mined beach obstacles. In my opinion I think that the documentary was very effective in helping us understand how hard the Canadians pushed to make sure they had victory at Juno Beach. It was effective because it showed how many men were killed, this shows that Canadian soldiers were willing to risk their lives for victory of another country. Also it showed how many risks were taken in the battle like when the Sargent on the beach risked his life to take out the Germans in the bunker, this showed that he was there to take out the Germans and he was determined to do that. In the end Canada did have victory at Juno beach taking many German soldiers hostage, they showed determination and willingness. 

The Holocaust                                      

the holocaust was a horible event where the Nazi's killed millions of jewish people. It all started in 1933 when Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's came to power. They thought that the german race was supirior and that the jews where a alien threat and should be exterminated. I wasn't only jews that the Nazi's were killing. They also thought that homosexuals, gypsies, and disabled people shouldn't live because they had different believes than the Nazi's. Over all around six million jews and around five hundred thousand other people died. These people were killed in the largest genocide in human history.

The Atomic Bomb

Were the Americans justified in dropping the atomic bomb twice?

I don't think the Americans were justified in dropping the atomic bomb. Although many American soldiers lives were spared because of the atomic bomb, many Japanese casualties had lost there lives. The first bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, a city of 340,000 people and a military industrial centre. Over 75,000 people were killed, and thousands more died from radiation poisoning. Once Japan refused to surrender the United states dropped another bomb on Nagasaki and 40,000 people were instantly killed. The atomic bombs did result in Japan surrendering, but many innocent lives were lost and the damage the bombs made would last many years. The fall of Japan resulted in the end of the second World War, but I believe they could have won the war by other means resulting in less deaths. 

Dropping the Atomic bombs

After the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in World War 2, people began wondering if that was justifiable, dropping two nuclear bombs and killing hundreds of thousands of people.  I believe that it was justified because the Japanese had brought the USA into the war by attacking Pearl Harbor.  By bringing them into the war they had to know that there was the possibility that something bad might happen. Also Japan had the chance to surrender multiple times, like when the Germans fell or when the allied forces took over there islands or even after the first bomb was dropped but they didn't so the USA dropped a second bomb. This is one reason I think it was justified another was the damage the Japanese caused. The Japanese destroyed multiple US war ships. They also caused thousands of allied deaths and treated POW's terrible. This is why I think this was the right thing for the US to do, to take revenge and damage cities and destroy war factories and force the Japanese into surrendering. I think without dropping the two nuclear bombs the Japanese wouldn't have surrendered causing a lot more allied deaths.

Were the Americans justified in dropping the atomic bomb?

Were the Americans justified in dropping the atomic bomb?

           I believe that the Americans were justified to drop the atomic bomb but they shouldn't of droppped it on Japanese civilians. I think it was wrong of the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbour because at that time the United States was neutral and barely supported the Allies. The Americans had the right to retaliate because the Japanese should of been punished for bringing the Americans into the war. However the bombs the USA used were to powerful to be used on civilians. The first bomb dropped on Hiroshima "directly [killed] an estimated 80,000 people. By the end of the year, injury and radiation brought total casualties to 90,000–140,000" ( A bomb this large should have been dropped on a miltary base and should have been smaller. The two bombs killed 100,000's and most of these people were innocent Japanese civilians. There was no need to drop such big atomic bombs on these two cities which were destroyed by the blast. I think the Americans were justified to drop the bomb but they should have dropped it somewhere else or made it smaller.  

The Holocaust

         I believe the Holocaust was the single most horrific event in the history of all humanity. This is because over 5 000 000 jewish people were murdered just because they were jewish. It is hard to think about such an evil time in history. However there are many lessons we can learn so history doesnt get repeated, such as how powerful false propaganda can be. The Nazi party needed someone to blame the great depression and the loss of world war one on so they chose the jews. They then put up false propaganda that made the public hate jewish people. I personally think an event like this wont happen again because of social media, it is so easy to communicate with people halfway across the world now, if this tool had of been in place in the 30's and 40's I believe the holocoast wouldnt have happened. I now dedicate this post to all the Jewish peopkle who lost there lives from this evil event.

Womens Wartime Role

Women had a big role in the War. When all the men went away to the war their was a shortage of worker so the government recruited women into the paid workforce. At first they only targeted un married women that were young but by 1943 they were targeting all women. This made it so that women were allowed to improve their social and economic status by having money to do stuff like go to the movies and they also then got to work together improving their social status. Even though the women worked as hard as the men and as efficiently as the men do they still go paid less than the men. When the war ended most of the women just went back to their traditional roles at home. Some of the women did resist and planted seeds for women's rights movements. This shows that women go treated differently than men even though they shouldn't have because they did the same work and that women were a big help in the war times by taking on the men's job when they went to war.

Americans and the atomic bombings on Japan

In the year of 1945 America began creating atomic bombs in secret. By July of 1945 they dropped the first atomic bomb in New Mexico as a tester and it was a success. Soon later the US dropped a bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 3 days later. These bombs killed a total of 62 million civilians that didn't need to die. The after affects of the bomb was radiation poisoning that slowly killed people throughout a few years, as well as a possibility of a million of Americas own soldiers being killed when invading Japan.  In my opinion they should not have dropped the bomb at all. They got too enraged with Japan killing thousands of their soldiers and went way to far with bombings and millions of innocent people being killed. 

The photo shows how large and horrible this bomb was and it also shows how wide and high  the explosion was, which proves how many people were killed from the massive atomic bombs dropped into Japan. 
Overall I think that dropping the bombs at all was a huge mistake and should have been avoided, because of all the deaths and poisoned innocent people. 

Canadians on The Home Front

Canadians on the home front contributed in many different way. One way was that women would get jobs in factories building planes tanks ammunition and more to supply the allied forces. After the men left for war there was no one to make the tanks and planes they needed so women got jobs to help with the war and help the allies win. another way they helped was by buying war bonds to help with the war. Canadians were told to give 10 percent of there pay checks the day they got them. the Government used multiple different propaganda posters to convey this message to Canadians. One had a Soldiers shooting a gun at planes and the caption says "you can't afford to miss either" and at the bottom it says "Buy War Bonds Every Payday"
this is saying that Canadians can't afford to miss buying war bonds because if they do they won't win the war.

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Blogging Ideas for April 29

I know that a lot of you struggle with WHAT to blog about.  Here are some ideas:

1.  Were the Americans justified in dropping the atomic bomb?  Twice?
2.  Research the treatment of Canadian veterans after World War II.  How were they treated?  What rights should veterans be entitled to?
3.  Do you think Canada's contributions to D-Day were important?  What about compared to other nations?
4.  What did you think of the documentary "Storming Juno"?  Why did you think this?

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                                     Map of the Allies Invasion on the Beaches of France
Close to one million troops whom were the Americans, British, Canadians steamed across the English Channel to storm the beaches of France. This attack was planned for 2 years. The allies wanted to keep the attack a secret, so they mislead the Germans into thinking that they were attacking Pas De Calais, but the actual attack was on Normandy. This attack began on the midnight of June 6, 1944. The three allied nations had their own beaches to conquer. The Americans had the Omaha and Utah beaches, the British had the Gold and Sword beaches, meanwhile, Canada had the Juno beach. Although the Canadians had to conquer the strongest German defended area, the Canadians pushed over France more than any allied men. Despite the casualty death rate of 1/15 soldiers per day, Canadians secured Juno beach, "the Canadians had secured Juno beach-the only allied force to achieve its goal on the first day" (Quinlan et. al). This attack had helped Canadian gain its independence because it demonstrated that Canada is an invincible nation.