Monday, 29 April 2013

Canada on D-Day

I think that Canada's contributions on D-Day were really important. I think this because Canada was given the objective to capture the hardest beach, Juno Beach, it was the heaviest fortified and had the most German troops and still the Canadian troops managed to take control of the beach in one day. This helped the Allied forces because it gave them hope that they could do it too and they also knew they already had part of the coast line so it would be easier to gain control of more. Also the contribution and success on D-Day helped Canada as a nation grow and become more independent because without help, the Canadian forces took the hardest beach and succeeded in there goal before any other Allied force reached there objective which proved we had a strong Army who knew what they were doing. In conclusion this is why I think that Canada's contributions were very important to the success on D-Day and also the growth of our nation.

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