Monday, 29 April 2013

The great depression

When Americas stock market crashed Canada was greatly affected. Many Canadians lost their jobs,homes and all of their money.Once Canadians lost everything they had struggled for awhile but did anything they could to make money for their families. Men would go to camps if they were eligible to do and would only make 20 cent a day but any money was good money at the time. Canadians also tried to vote someone into parliament that seemed to be able to work things out. Though that didn't work out Canadians were still willing to do anything possible to get out of the great depression. Canadians also made many shelters and and private charities to help one another out. Also places that provided entertainment became cheaper. This all shows that the great depression was a very negative time in Canadian history but it also made Canada come together as a nation to grow and become a better nation together.


  1. Katherine, you have provided good facts about the Depression. How do you think Canadians would deal with another Depression if one happened today?

    1. I think that Canadians would suffer more than we did back than because we have so much now of days like technology and we just have more expensive needs but I think that because we did it before we could get out of the depression again it would just take a lot of work

    2. I agree that Canadians would suffer so much more now, because we have more to lose. However I disagree I do not think Canada could get itself out of a depression if we went through another one, because Canada didn't get itself out of the last one. The war was the only thing that pulled Canada out of the depression and it wasn't even their war, it was originally just a war in Europe.