Wednesday, 10 April 2013

POWs in Devestating Camp Conditions

During WWII many soldiers were taken prisoner in unfair and dangerous camp conditions.
The camps were enclosed with barbed wire and contained guard towers manned by armed German Soldiers ready to shoot any run-aways. They were usually housed in one-story wooden barracks which had bunk beds and a charcoal burning stove in the middle. They were generally given two meals a day consisting of; thin soup and black bread. I chose this image because it shows how these men were carelessly and cruely treated in this camp. Not only did they starve and dealt with sickness, but they were put to work around camp and locally. "267 died from their treatment in prison camps"(Quinlan et all, 126). This proves how disrespectful and unfair the Germans were towards Canadian Soldiers. In my opinion, this devestating time in the camps, made Canadians stronger and helped them in future battles by upgrading their count of armed soldiers and creating better strategies to win battles.


  1. Good summary of the camps. You provided a good explanation of the photo. How did the treatment of PoW make Canadians stronger?

    1. Mrs. Le,
      Canada was devastated by how Canadians POW were treated and wanted revenge back, so they evacuated the Canadian Japanese. Also, with the knowledge of Canadians and others suffering in Japanese prisons, this created more determination and encouragement for Canadians and our allies to fight better and stronger.

  2. Why do you think Canada did not do treat our POWs like our enemies did. What does this show about Canada