Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Great Depression

Canada was affected by the stock market crash as well as the US. The great depression was caused by the collapse in New York's stock market. Many people sold their stocks once the prices went down and decreased Americas wealth by millions of dollars. The Stock Market crash shows how important that the stock market was to much North Americas wealth and how devastating times get when a country loses so much money. Many people lost their jobs, homes and overall money that they had which made them and their families rely on family and churches or charities to support them and feed them. Because of the massive loss in jobs people had to move away and find jobs elsewhere. Canada's government was hit hard in the depression and went bankrupted because of the stock market crash.
The image shows just how many people would line up each day to get food and stay alive. The photo


  1. How did the Canadian government go bankrupt because of the Depression?

    Good use of an image because you added a caption that had meaning.

  2. Good description of the depression Carley, but how did the depression help build our Canadian identities today?

  3. Canada's government when bankrupt from the depression because Canada and the us were partners and traded together and when they lost business we lost materials which lost Canada's government money.

    The depression helped build our identity's today by the event that happened during it, like the St.Louis and Canada not accepting the Jewish.