Sunday, 14 April 2013

How WW2 violated the Geneva Convention

The Geneva Convention was put in place to try to stop the horrors of war that the soldiers had to face if captured. The tension and anger of the army grow so that when they got hold of a POW they would not abide by the Geneva Convention and would see the enemy soldiers as nothing more than another person to die. The breach was not one sided, both sides army's break the convention. Some know accounts of a breach where when German soldiers that had surrendered where shot by the Russian because of the death of  the Russian civilians. Another account was when some American soldiers killed some Germans, after they had surrender, because they might have lost loved ones by the German soldiers. So both sides where found guilty of several accounts of breaking the Geneva Convention, and had to face punishment for the horrors that were inflicted.


  1. Matt, your post did a good job of outlining the Geneva Convention. Do you think the Geneva Convention is effective?

  2. Great blog but what was trying to be accomplished having the Geneva Convention?