Thursday, 18 April 2013

Dieppe Raid

In my opinion I think that the Raid on Dieppe was not a military success due to the fact that we lost over half of our men and had no plans on how we were going to attack and how they planned on moving up the land with tanks that had no space to move because of the wall that separated to land from the water front.
At the same time I also think that the raid was a success because even though we lost a lot of our men and had to surrender we still benefited from the raid in the future. The raid was helpful for future battles, we ended up winning the battle of D-Day, the battle of Stalingrad against the Germans to regain more power thanks to the raid. Due to the failure at Dieppe the Battle of Ortona was a success because they remembered how bad the element of surprise was, and their plans were with the tanks on the front so they rethought how to get through the towns to finally over take the Germans, the Italian Campaign was also a success because of new techniques and that were later used for urban warfare.
In the end the Canadians had taken over Rome, and Ortona in result of the changes that they made in their surprise of attack, and their techniques to gain back control.

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  1. Shianne, I like how you looked at both sides of the debate. I'm confused by your point about the Battle of Stalingrad. Can you further explain it?