Wednesday, 24 April 2013



                                     Map of the Allies Invasion on the Beaches of France
Close to one million troops whom were the Americans, British, Canadians steamed across the English Channel to storm the beaches of France. This attack was planned for 2 years. The allies wanted to keep the attack a secret, so they mislead the Germans into thinking that they were attacking Pas De Calais, but the actual attack was on Normandy. This attack began on the midnight of June 6, 1944. The three allied nations had their own beaches to conquer. The Americans had the Omaha and Utah beaches, the British had the Gold and Sword beaches, meanwhile, Canada had the Juno beach. Although the Canadians had to conquer the strongest German defended area, the Canadians pushed over France more than any allied men. Despite the casualty death rate of 1/15 soldiers per day, Canadians secured Juno beach, "the Canadians had secured Juno beach-the only allied force to achieve its goal on the first day" (Quinlan et. al). This attack had helped Canadian gain its independence because it demonstrated that Canada is an invincible nation.


  1. Mel, this is a good summary of D-Day. How does this attack show that Canada gained independence? How does it demonstrate that Canada is an invincible nation?

    1. Canada demonstrated that its an invincible nation by securing its beach during the Normandy attack. It was the only ally to succeed its beach out of the three ally. The Americans and the British did not succeed in the first day like the Canadians. Also, the fact that the Canadians pushed back through the German defences more than any ally, shows that Canada was a strong and invincible nation.

    2. I do not think D-day shows Canada was invinsible, because in my personal opinion that's impossible. However I agree that it helped them gain independence. I think they gained independence from this because they were the only group from the Allies to secure their beach the first day, generally people would expect only one of the major, strong, powerful, super-power countries to be able to do that. By Canada securing Juno beach it proved to everyone they were just as capable of doing things on their own, which allowed Canada to truly be seen as independent