Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hitler's use of propaganda

Who used propaganda the most effectively? Hitler? Churchill? Stalin? Canada? Japan?

In my expert opinion Hitler used propaganda the most effectively. During the war against Russia Hitler had the fights recorded. Although Hitler's soldiers weren't prepared to fight in the cold weather, the propaganda experts made it seem as though Germany was winning the war by piecing the videos together. These secret videos of Germany winning the war were played in movie theatres around Germany and the people believed that Hitler was leading the men to victory. This was effective because it gave the people of Germany hope that Hitler was going to lead them to victory in the war. Hitler had also met with his soldiers and saw how they were doing, this meeting was photographed and the pictures were shown around Germany.


  1. Lauren, you have a very clear point of view and use evidence from the documentary to support it. I wonder if Canada used propaganda equally as effectively. For example, Canada effectively rallied the people on the home front to contribute money, time and resources.

  2. I agree with you when you say germany use propaganda most effectivly. I think germany was smart by making those fake videos to m ake germans believe that they where winning