Thursday, 18 April 2013

Women's Wartime Role

During World War two women were no longer just expected to run the house they were now asked to join the workforce working in the factories to take over the positions of the men who left for war.  The government campaigned to recruit women into paid workforce, they began targeting unmarried women but by 1943 had began to recruit all women.  Women would work in factories producing ammunition for the war.  The decision to bring women into the work force had made the first step in creating the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, this government sponsored group began fighting for women and men to have equal rights.  
   Once the war began winding to an end women were laid off and were supposed to go back to their regular duties tending to the house and family.  This left some women devastated but others said they they were happy to return to regular life but regardless they all made the best of it.  Without the women taking on these roles and responsibilities we wouldn't have been as successful in the war as we were, and who knows what would of happened to women''s rights today if they never took part in the war efforts.

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  1. Courtney, this is a good overview of the role Canadian women played in World War II on the home front. I agree that women's actions were instrumental in the allies' success.