Monday, 15 April 2013

Elsie MacGill

Photo copied from Wikimedia
This is an image of Elsie MacGill
Elsie MacGill grew up in a great family. Her mother, Helen Gregory MacGill, was one of the first women judge. Elsie became an amazing example for women back in world war two, and she still is. Elsie wanted to become a chief engineer and later on pursued that dream. During world war two, men ruled over every possession. Despite the fact that Elsie was living in a men's world, she accomplished and had set a great example for women around the world. More and more women wanted higher education and more women were also determined to have equal rights as men, Elsie had changed the mindset of women. She made others realize that women had the same values as men. Elsie not only had been an example for women, but she became part of then "Royal Commission on the Status of Women". This organization  later on was encouraged by the government. Although men and women are still not 100% just in the work force, Canada had and still is trying hard to break down that barrier. Canada has a good reputation for being a free country. Many women refugees from other countries migrate to Canada. This women justice was first influence by Elsie.

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  1. Mel, you have clearly outlined the role Elsie MacGill played in bringing about women's rights. Can you think of any modern day woman who is working to bring about rights for women?