Thursday, 18 April 2013


In my opinion Canada used propaganda more effectively than the other countries. Reasons why is that Canada actually looked at how they could relate to the people and what popular things could inspire the community. Canada used cartoons, films and strong famous women. 

The image is of Ronnie the bren gun girl who was a courageous women that inspired many women to join the factories and be just like her; successfully, helpful in the war efforts and beautiful. Canada used her in many adds to incise the women to help in factories. Canada also used Disney movies and the character's to get a popular well known character spreading good news and spreading things that the people should do in an entertaining way, like the video we watched in class that was by Disney and how people should buy War Bonds. 


  1. Carley, I agree that Canada used propaganda effectively, but if we think back to the documentary we watched, England, Russia and Germany all used propaganda incredibly well. I don't think we were any better than other nations.

  2. Did you feel that Canada did anything different from all the other countries that used propaganda? did we go above and beyond or use different tactics?

  3. Interesting question Courtney. I'm curious about your thoughts.