Wednesday, 10 April 2013

MS St.Louis

Canada around this time said no to the jews on the MS St.Louis and rejected about 937 of them. The reason Prime minister King denied the Jews was beacuse some people and institustions in quebec were antisemitic meaning they didn't like the Jews so they didn't want them in quebec. Another reason King didnt except them was he wanted to keep quebec and the english side of Canada both happy so he could remain in power. Also Franklin Blare was an antisemitic so he didn't want the Jews in Canada.

During this time Canada was selfish because Prime minister King didn't let the Jews into Canada for the saketo stay in power so people would vote for him so he would remian in power.


Picture of the MS St.Louis docking in Havana,Cuba in 1939

Source: Wikipedia


  1. Was King an anti-Semite himself or was he just largely swayed to reject these people in need because of the empty hate of the Canadian people? What do you think this says about him as a leader?

    1. Excellent questions Josh. For some reason, I remember reading that Mackenzie King held anti-Semitic views, but I can't find the source. I think he was largely swayed by public opinion. That said, I think that as a leader one should be strong enough to do what is morally right.

  2. Get explanation of why the Jewish refugees were not welcome into Canada.