Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Third Geneva Convention

Third Geneva Convention

           The Third Geneva Convention is an update from the Second Convention, it protects prisoners of war captured during war. I believe that this Third Geneva Convention is the most important Geneva Convention. I think this because the Third Convention defines how prisoners of war (POW) are dealt with. These new rules change how enemy POW's are treated in camps, which I think is very important. Some protocols that were added are that prisoners must get medical treatment if needed, be fed and be given a place to sleep and have religous, intelluctual and physical activity time. In articles 13 to 16 it states that "prisoners of war must be treated humanely without any adverse discrimination and that their medical needs must be met". This new update stops captured soldiers from being treated cruelly and unfairly which results in lives being saved. This is why I believe that the Third Geneva Convention of 1949 is the most important update of the four Geneva Conventios.

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  1. Riley, this is a top notch blog post. You clearly stated an opinion and provided support to back it up. Do you think that the changes in the Convention have resulted in real improvements for PoW?