Monday, 29 April 2013

Was The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Necessary?

I think the bombing of Hiroshima was necessary, even though there were so many things wrong with it. I can't stand the idea because of all the innocent casualties, but it was sadly necessary. Japan didn't surrender for 3 days after the first bomb, therefore the Allies had to drop another bomb on Nagasaki. The Japanese didn't surrender until 6 DAYS after the second attack because of the threat of a third bombing! If the Allies never dropped those bombs, Japan wouldn't have quit, and would keep going and going and going. Sadly those bombs were entirely necessary, if they were not dropped, the war could have played out very differently.


  1. How do you know that Japan would not have surrendered without the use of nuclear weapons? You need to provide evidence.

  2. What do you think the japanese would have done if the Americans didnt drop the bombs.

  3. how would the war have played out differently? what would have happened if the bombs were not dropped?

    1. Considering that the Japanese didn't surrender until 6 days after the second bombing shows that they are very determined and wouldn't give up. If the bombs weren't dropped they probably would never have quit until their entire military was wiped out, or until they won.

  4. Unfortunetly, i dont agree with your opinion on the bombing approach. The Allies bombings did accomplish their goal of making Japan surrender, but we do not know for sure that Japan wouldn't have surrendered without the use of the nuclear weapons. The bombings had destroyed homes, communtities and taken many inicent citizens lives. Since the bombings had destroyed so much during the approach to have Japan surrender, do you think it was the most appropriate approach to handle this conflict? Or, do you think the Allies could've created a more calm approach? I think that the Allies could've consulted the Japanese within conference or made an agreement to handle the situation in a more appropriate approach.

  5. Although I agree that the Japanese probably would have not given up if the atomic bombs were not dropped, I don't think that we should have bombed innocent citizens.