Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Propaganda; Hitler's Power


Hitler and Propaganda

                                            This image is copied from: ahitler.greyfalcon.us

     Hitler created this fake message of him being a good and harmless man, "In 1933, Hitler succeeded in manipulating his way into power" (Quinlan et al. 100). He convinced our ex-Prime minister, Mackenzie King, that he was no harm at all, this is what our Prime Minister described Hitler as, when he travelled to Germany in 1937, "a man of deep sincerity" (Quinlan et al. 104). Not only has he convinced our Prime minister, but he convinced his people that Jewish took all the jobs and that's why this Germany was in depression. Hitler also used propaganda when he got filmed with the German soldiers advancing to Russia. The film sent the message that the there's nobody in those places, and there's no harm. To conclude, Hitler not only changed his people's mindsets using propaganda, but he convinced strong politicians too.


  1. Mel, you are right that Hitler was able to effectively influence the thoughts and actions of both politicians and every day people. Can you think of any specific pieces of propaganda that show his power?

  2. Hitler was in a film with his men and it showed them conquering Russia, but the film was not accurate at all, it didn't show the real events. For example, the film showed that Russia was a simple country to invade because there was nothing and/or nobody there, although in reality, there were people in Russia and it was a struggle for German soldiers to invade Russia because of it's mild winter.