Wednesday, 10 April 2013

S.S. St. Louis Tragedy

The St. Louis ship set sail May 13 1939 for Cuba when the ship was not able to dock because each refugee needed a visa and was required to pay a $500 bond, so they tried to get into Canada. Canada did not except the Jews into Canada because they were economically scared that there wasn't enough jobs as is from the depression and Canada couldn't afford any more people. This meant that the 947 Jews on board the ship had to try and go to other European countries and were not able to really escape for WWII. Canada took in fewer Jews then a lot of other countries, this reveals that Canada was very discriminative and did not want to get involved with the war.


  1. You are right the Canada was discriminatory at this time against Jewish refugees. Beside the Depression, why was the Canadian government unwilling to accept Jewish refugees?

    1. Mrs. Le,
      the Canadian gov't didn't accept Jewish refugees because of the anti-Semitism in Canada. Most Canadians didn't want the Jewish refugees to immigrate to Canada because of the previous war, and also the limited amount of jobs in Canada during the depression. With the Canadians disagreeing, the gov't didn't accept the Jewish refugees because they were afraid to loss votes.

  2. I agree that Canada was a discriminatory nation, but do you think Canada would have still been discriminatory if they weren't economically scared? Do you think the only reason Canada didn't accept Jewish refugees was because they didn't have enough jobs and were worried about their economy? or do you think it was more than that?