Monday, 29 April 2013

What did you think of the documentary "Storming Juno"?  

I thought the document Storming Juno was very educational, I learned a lot about the life of a Canadian soldier. I thought it was very realistic when the Canadians stormed Juno beach getting ready to attack the Germans. I think an important part of the movie was when the Sargent left his shelter and ran out to where the machine guns  and snipers were shooting out of the bunker and he managed to stay alive and throw a bomb into the bunker to kill the German snipers. The Sargent saved many men by this brave act and managed to buy some time for the tank to come up the beach and attack many of the Germans. I found that the documentary showed many real life situations and made the people watching understand the war from the soldiers perspectives. I also think the documentary properly portrayed the fact that at the beginning of the attack the Germans were winning and taking out Canadian soldiers one bye one but as the fight went on the Canadians infiltrated the German posts and got the Germans to surrender. 



  1. I agree with you Lauren, I learnt a lot about a soldiers life at battle! Do you think that Canada was the most effective allied country to attack Normandy?

  2. I also learned a lot about soldiers. In addition to the clip from Saving Private Ryan, both films showed the fear and bravery of the soldiers. I really liked that the film was based on actual soldiers and that we found out about their lives after the D-Day invasion.