Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Document Analysis: Canada and 9/11

The following post is the in class analysis of the "Canada and 9/11" excerpt. We didn't hand it in, so I decided to share my thoughts via blog.

First off, this article is representative of the helpful and selfless nature in Canadian identity. The way that without hesitation the residents of Gander welcomed stranded plane passengers shows Canadians' ability to recognize and act on a person (or thousands) in need. Specific examples of this illustration of Canadians  include when "they consoled, and they cooked, they cooked and they cooked" and how "with a population barely hitting 10'000, [Gander] welcomed 6'600 stranded passengers that fateful day". The way that the residents cooked and cooked supports how Canadians continuously help until the job is done. The way that a tiny town like Gander was willing to nearly double its capacity to welcome strangers shows the immediate selflessness of Canadians, at least on a large scale. I believe these values do remain true throughout Canada because the article mentions also hundreds of Canadians in "Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal and Toronto" who were thanked for their helpful efforts. These are just major cities. Gander is an example of small towns who gave generously as well.

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  1. I agree that the article reresents Canada's helpful and selfless nature."He spoke about one stranded passenger, a child, who turned 4 in Gander soon after 9/11. All his gifts were stuck on the plane he had been on, so to make him feel better, a local Gander family threw him a party." This quote is mentioning what one family did for a little stranded boy. The people in Gander threw a party for a stranded passenger boy, this would've cost money time and effort all for a child they didn't know. I think this quote really adds on to your point and shows how selfless Canadians can be.