Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Genocide in The World

Everyone is interested in learning about the Holocaust in Germany because they think that we learned from are mistakes and now life is better but genocide has happened again and again. Genocide has happened in Rwanda, Australia, Bosnia and many other countries. All of these honorific events have lead to the death of millions and the displacement of millions from there homes making them refugees. Many groups like the United Nations, NATO and NORAD have devoted billions of dollars and energy into making sure that  genocide never happens again but the question on everyone's mind is are these groups plans working. Many people don't believe that these groups plans work because genocides are still happening today like in Syria. If you where in a position of power how would you make sure that genocides never happen again? 


  1. Yes genocides continue to happen, however the various groups you mentioned can only do so much.
    “This is an impossible mandate that must be made possible. Genocide is one of the most heinous of crimes against which all of humanity must unite to prevent its recurrence and punish those responsible. However, for the same reason, it evokes denial from both the perpetrators and
    those who would be called upon to intervene to prevent or stop it. This is why our strategy focuses on early prevention, by responding to
    situations of concern before positions harden into denial.”
    — Francis Deng, Special Adviser of the
    United Nations Secretary-General
    on the Prevention of Genocide
    April 2010

    In the first part of the quote he's saying how it's almost impossible to stop genocide, but that they try and make it possible because genocide HAS to be stopped . This shows that people do try their best to stop genocide, but there's only so much they can do to prevent it, once it has happened it's all people can do to try and stop it. Yes people may wonder if the work these groups are doing really helps, but their doing as much as they can to prevent genocide

  2. Wait..... Genocide is happening in Australia..... did I miss something?