Wednesday, 27 March 2013

What is revealed about Canada in this time period?

I think that in this time period it was revealed that Canada were very secure. They were secure of their country being the nation that they had gained, also keeping the independence they had gained after the first World War. With Canada not wanting to let the Jews into the country showed that they didn't want to keep them in their country just in case Nazi Germany would invade Canada to get to the Jews. It also shows they are secure of their country because after World War 1 Canada gained their independence and by taking in refugee Jews, other countries might start to think that again Canada were taking orders from other countries. With new immigrants coming into the country just after the depression, this meant that they would be taking jobs, one in which the were not very many of at the time, and also there was still not a lot of money around. 
Not all Canadians were anti-Semitic. Many Canadians supported the efforts of the Canadian Jewish Congress to increase public awareness of the immigration of Jews in Canada. Despite their efforts, they could not persuade King to change his governments policy.  


  1. Do you believe that King was looking out for the well being of canada or that he was anti-Semitic?

  2. I don't think Canada's response to the MS St. Louis is an example of being secure. I think that the responses of King and Blair show that they were insecure about their ability to maintain power, as they were concerned about public opinion, as sections of the country held anti-Jewish beliefs.

    I like that you realize that not all Canadians were anti-Semitic and actually worked towards the rescue of the Jews on the MS St. Louis.