Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Canada's reaction to the St. Louis

In the 1930's during the time of the St.Louis ship Canada was discriminant. There were 937 passengers on the ship they were all Jewish trying to flee Germany to prevent Nazi execution. After the Capitan tried to drop off the people in Cuba they were sent away because there Visa's were not accepted they came to Canada in hope of acceptance. Yet again the people had the same response of rejection. Canada would not allow them simply because they were all Jews and not Christians. At that time period Canada was a Christian country and would only want and allow Christian immigrants in. Because of Canada's act of sending them away because of the people's religion I would say that Canada was discriminant.

The image shows the amount of people that were on the boat and wanted to be free in Canada but were rejected because of Canada's discriminant attitude.


  1. Carley, I agree that Canada was discriminatory during this time period. Not only did Canada refuse to accept Jewish refugees, Jews already living in Canada (some for generations) faced racism. This was evidenced by the Christy Pits riots in Toronto and the restrictions on Jewish admissions to universities.

  2. I agree that Canada was discriminatory during this time. but did Canada's reaction surprise you? does this change your opinion of Canada?