Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Trying to Find a Home

At the time of the S.S. St.Louis, all Jewish refugees had escaped and were now aboard St. Louis and on their way to Cuba hoping for a safe place to start a new life, but Cuba did not allow the refugees to live in Cuba. After being turned down by Cuba the SS St. Louis headed to Canada, but that this time Canada was against the Jews and would not allow them to live here. This reveals that at this point in time the Canadians we not very helpful people and were very strict and religious. Canada was a very religious country at the time of world war 2 because all the Jews wanted was to be able to find a country far enough away from Europe so that they would feel safe. Canada did not help out the Jewish due to a strict religion and not wanting to let any Jewish in unless they had come from Britain due to the fact that Canada only ever wanted to help Britain because of the amount of help that we got from them in world war 1 to be known as the Independent Country. Now that Canada was known for being independent they wanted to stick to their laws and even the government had disagreed with helping the Jewish and it was very selfish of them. the Jewish wanted nothing more than to have a country help live a safer life away from Hitler, the holocaust, and the war in their country.


  1. You are right that the Jewish refugees were turned down by Cuba and that Canada was not willing to help them. This seems to be the opposite of what we know of Canada today.

    I don't think Canada rejected the Jews because of its strict religious observance. I think that King and Blair were not eager to accept the refugees for political reasons.

  2. I think we should've accepted the jewish people regardless of the political reasons. Overall, i think Canadian citizens would've had rather gotten over the fact that the government had accepted jewish people then the guilt that some may have felt when they realized that they overall just made the government send people back to Germany to die.