Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The affects on Canada from the Stock Market Crash.

This is an image of the many unemployed people during the Stock Market Crash of 1929.
This image represents how many people, including Canadians, were negatively affected by the crash.
I chose this image because it shows how angry and defeated many people were during and after this crash.
When the early warning signs of a crash were ignored, people tried selling shares for the amount of money they bought them for, or for an overpriced amount. Since no one purchased the shares, this caused the Stock Market to crash.
This affected Canadians because they depended on the U.S, as our biggest trading partner, to export their goods, supplies and other necessities needed. Since the crash occured, many Canadians lost their jobs, had fewer orders for Canadian resources and products, had fewer markets to sell and were unable to obtain any exported goods from the U.S. Therefore, this picture represents how angry, defeated and negatively affected Canadians were during the Stock Market Crash.

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  1. Riley, you are right that the Crash impacted Canadians and that there were angry and defeated people. You also made a good connection to Canada's relationship with the United States. In the future, it is better to use Canadians images and to read up on the background of the image.