Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Stock Market crash

In  my opinion the reason the stock market crash happened was because the bank kept loaning money to people they kept investing their money into stocks. When the economy for stocks decreased people were worried that they will lose money on their stocks so they started to withdrawl them causing more and more people to withdrawl the money from stocks causing the Stock Market crash. In my opinion of how this affected Canada is they lost their biggest trade partner so this caused Canada to lose money as well.

People from Wall Street going to the bank to collect their stocks after the crash  (Wikipedia)


  1. Anthony, you have a clear main idea, but an earlier post of your also discussed this. You made a good point about the link between the Canadian and American economies.

  2. How do you think the identity of Canadians before/during and after the stock market crash contrasts with their identity established during WWI?

  3. Why did the WW1 help the country get out of the depression and how did it change the identity of Canada?