Tuesday, 26 March 2013


This image represents that remembering our troops by showing our respect is an easy and impactful thing to do. Wearing a poppy on Remembrance Day is and easy thing to do, the reason this is so resepectful and impactful is because our troops have fought and lost their lives so we can be free today. If you wear a poppy on Remembrance Day you can so your respect and show how happy you are to be free.


  1. I agree with your statement about the poppy. Something you should have added is why we started to wear the poppy in the first place.

  2. Graham, unfortunately, the image is not showing for me. I wonder if it an issue with my computer.

    I agree that wearing the poppy is a very easy way to show respect for the soldiers who fought for our freedom. In Vann's post, he commented that it is mostly veterans who wear the poppy. Why do you think that so many others don't wear the poppy when it is so easy to do so?