Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Discrimination Against The Jewish


                       What is revealed about Canada at this time?

The image above shows the SS St. Louis ship with Jewish refugees on board. The Jews fled from Germany to Cuba  in hope of equality and justice. However, when they arrived in Cuba they were not welcomed. The Jews had only one place else to go, Canada, they heard that Canadians were just people and they could be free.

 During the 1930's Canada was a very discriminating country.  The Germans despised the Jews and blamed them for their country's economic decrease. The Jewish  left Germany with the "hope that they would get into a country that would accept them"  (When Canada Said No: The Abandoned Jews of the MS St. Louis). After their long journey they were 
discriminated and were unwelcome by the English Canadians.  There were news reports that Jewish shops
  were being vandalized in Brantford Ontario and this proves that Christian English Canadians were 
discriminating the Jewish. The English  Canadians told the Jewish to become Christians, therefore, this also proves  
segregation, because Canadians were Christians and  the Jews had a different religion and, to be accepted they
 would have to become Christians. To conclude, we very much discriminated the Jewish refugees by 
our actions towards them, and this was a very shameful time for Canada


  1. I agree that Canada was discriminatory against Jews during this time period. You have to be careful with sweeping generalizations. Not all Germans despised Jews.

    How has Canada changed since WWII?

    1. We are part of the UN peacekeeping organization.

    2. "Un Peacekeeping provide security and political and peace building support to help countries make difficult, early transition from conflict" ( what is peacekeeping).

  2. I agree that not all Germans hated Jews. Some German citizens did not agree with what Hitler was doing and helped Jews escape the country.

    As i believe that Canada being a member of the UN shows that we have changed, but does being a part of the UN mean that that country is safe, welcoming, and peaceful?

  3. Great question. I don't think that being part of the UN means that a nation is safe, welcoming and peaceful. Afghanistan is a member and I don't think, at this time, it is a safe or peaceful place to go.

    1. I'm not quite sure but I don't think they would be particularly welcoming either.