Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The War at Home

   The war affected Canadian's lives at home because everyone contributed to the war efforts in some way. The women worked in factories doing the jobs that men would do, the children collected war stamps and people bought Victory Bonds. People had jobs in areas they may not have had experience in or jobs that they didn't want but i think that because they were supporting the war overseas, they put up with it. I think that during this war, Canadian's lives at home became harder and people had to step up and take roles that they would not have to do had there been no war. Men were encouraged to join the military, to fight for their country but without the war, i believe most of them would not have enlisted.
  The picture above is a woman working in a factory producing war items. Before the war, it was very uncommon for a women to work in a factory, but during the war, most women did. This shows how the roles of some Canadians had had changed because of the war.

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  1. Sami, I like how you discussed the changing roles of people because of the war. How did women's contributions to the war effort impact their lives after the war?