Wednesday, 13 February 2013

This picture represents the Canadian identity because all of the different images on this picture are used to represent Canada in many different ways. The animals on this picture are used to represent the freedom and the true beauty that the Canadian wildlife has to offer.   


  1. Hi Cole,

    This is an interesting image. You are on the right track by noticing that there are many symbols within the image to represent Canada. I would like you to go into detail about some of the images. What do the symbols tell us about the Canadian identity? Is this an accurate explanation of Canadian identity?

    For future blog posts, please remember to include a title and cite images. Also, please go back and label post with "Cole" and use this label for all posts. This makes it easier for me to find your posts.

    Mrs. Le

  2. I agree with the animals on the picture representing freedom because we have a lot of wildlife in Canada and they are free to live in the wilderness as they want without anyone interrupting their lifestyles.