Thursday, 14 February 2013

Canada Fights For What They Believe In

 This is a picture of a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan. I think this shows a lot about the Canadian identity and how we stand up for what we believe in. Canada believes that Afghanistan should have a more stable and secure government, so we went and are currently helping them achieve that. Canada is trying to to change Afghanistan so it is safe for everyone and no longer a "safe haven for terrorists." Canada is trying to improve the cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan because we believe that everyone should feel safe and secure. We are willing to go to other countries and help them feel safe, a feeling that we may take for granted each day. I think that Canada feels as if everyone should have a sense of security, a feeling that is not common in Afghanistan, so we are helping them create a country based on the principles of rule and law, which can make Afghanistan a more secure environment for people. 


  1. I agree that Canadians should stand up for what we believe in. I think that Canadians have a just cause to be in Afghanistan and we should continue in this peacekeeping mission. Having a sense of security is important for everyone regardless of the country.

    1. Matt, you clearly stated an opinion and showed why you agree with Sami. Why do you believe that the Canadian cause in Afghanistan is just?

  2. Sami, you have clearly identified a characteristic of Canada and provided support to back up your claim. It is also clear how the photograph spurred your comments. I agree that Canada's goals in Afghanistan are admirable and I wonder about our withdrawal. I know that there has been a lot of pressure to bring our troops home, but I can't help but be fearful that the lack of a Western influence will allow the Taliban to regain control.