Wednesday, 13 February 2013

How Beechwood cemetary shows and shapes the Canadian identity.

The recognition of Beechwood Cemetery as the national cemetery of Canada is important to the Canadian identity because it shows that we have many lost souls in Canada and that we cherish the ones we've lost. It is also an important step towards memorializing the people, great or small, who shaped our history and identity as a country by fighting in war, and other great difficulties that Canada has faced. The Beechwood Cemetery Foundation has accepted to hold in trust for future generations the stories and the histories of Canadian citizens who are buried on its grounds, regardless of their religious beliefs and practices, their cultural background or their social status.
Beechwood Cemetery, John Booth Monument
Beechwood Cemetery, John Booth Monument
© R. Goodspeed
Ottawa, as the Canada's capital, is a place for national celebrations and commemorations. The capital is home to the National War Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Valiants Memorial, the Monument to Peace and Remembrance, the Monument to Canadian Aid Workers, and the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights.
While Canada has national memorials, military cemeteries and fields of honour, it did not have, until now, a national cemetery that embraces the breadth and diversity of this land’s social, political and cultural diversity. Canada has and always will honour the fallen solders who left family, friends to risk their lives for the freedom of other people thus showing that Canada is selfless and takes other people before themselves.
The National Cemetery Act confers a very special honour upon Beechwood Cemetery, recognizing it as the national cemetery of Canada, created by Canadians for Canadians. I choose this because it's important to show how Canada has put themselves in the ground 6 feet under for our freedom, and the hope for equal rights. this cemetary has Canada's identity all over it.

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