Monday, 25 February 2013

Borden's Contribution to the Canadian Identity

           Canada is an independant strong country, however I don't think we'd be exactly where we are today if it weren't for prime minister Borden.  Borden insisted that Canada's role in the war was very important. He would not let Canada pull out and when no men were enrolling, he insisted upon conscrption.  Because of Canada's role in the war we were able to sign the Treaty of Versailles on our own, we got a seat in the Peace conference, as well as the Imperial War Cabinet, all of which added to Canada's identity of a independant nation.  So, what if we had ended up pulling out of the war? We wouldn't be independant, instead Canada would still be just another British colony.  Borden was the person responsible for our role in the war.  When people wanted to pull out he knew that if Canada's role in the war continued we would gain great things from it. While many people at the time hated borden for sending our people to war, in the end Borden was a huge contributer to the Canadian identity and helped Canada become its own nation.

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  1. Abby, you have very clearly explained why and how Borden contributed to the Canadian identity, independent of Britain. I wonder what evidence you have support your claim Borden knew we would gain great things by staying in the war.