Wednesday, 13 February 2013

This is a photograph of a beaver. I chose this image because to me the beaver symbolizes Canada. The beaver, being an industrious, semi- aquatic mammal with excellent engineering skills symbolizes Canada as we have become an industrial country over the years and have many people with great engineering skills.
Also the beaver is an unaggressive,  hard-working, unassuming and willing animal and as Canada holds the reputation of being a peace keeping country that's where the unaggressiveness of the beaver comes in to representing Canada. With the beaver being willing it represents Canada in the World Wars
and how even though they were trying to become independent from Great Britain they still were willing to help the British. Just like the beavers are willing to keep on making and fixing their damns after they get destroyed. 
I also chose the Beaver as it is the animal that is on our nickel which represents our money system which shows our country has power because we have money to support our country.


  1. I agree with the beaver's unagressive nature relating to Canada's behaviour as a peaceful country.

    1. Hi Josh,

      I also agree with that point. I never really though about the mannerisms of the beaver to be able to make the connection to Canada's apparent peaceful demeanor. I wonder if Canada is truly a peaceful country, though. I think as we move through the course, you might discover that Canada isn't as peaceful as is usually assumed.

      Thanks for taking time to respond. I like how you explained WHY you agreed with Bethany's points. For future posts, it would be great if you could provide further details.

      Mrs. Le

  2. Hi Bethany,

    You have made some strong connections to the course, specifically when you make mention of Canada's willingness to help Britain during the war.

    You need to be careful to credit ideas. When using ideas that are not your own, you should cite them. Simply put the author's last name in brackets at the end of the ideas, like this (White).

    Thank you for including a title and a label.

    Mrs. Le

  3. I agree that Canada has become an industrial nation and that we are known for our engineering and innovation skills. I also agree that Canada has a peace keeping reputation.

  4. I thint the connections you made abount beavers and Canada were very intelligent and you explained your expinations very well. I agree when youtalk about how beavers are indutrial like we are hot how our country is urbanizing. also how we are peacefull(for the most part) like beavers.

  5. I agree that Canada is a peace keeping nation. I think the connection between the beavers and canadas urban society was great.